UPDATE: AT&T Galaxy Note II Update Has A Lot More Than Just Multi-Window

If you’re the happy owner of an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II, you may have noticed yesterday’s OTA update. If you’ve received the update, congratulations! You now have multi-window! This means that you can snap two apps on top of each other and use them at the same time. It’s an awesome feature, and you should be very happy. And if that was all, that’d be a great update.

But that isn’t all. You also get a new ink effect. Ever notice that when using the S Pen on the lockscreen, it lags and doesn’t look perfect? Now it looks much better, and you can even choose the color of the ink in Settings > Lockscreen.

You also get much improved handwriting in the Samsung keyboard. No longer do you need to hit the spacebar every word when writing with the S Pen, it’s added automatically. It greatly improves the speed and ease of use of writing out texts, a feature I myself use quite often. Not only that, but the actual keyboard is improved too. It highlights main suggestions now.

Unfortunately, the update did not bring all the features from the 4.1.2 international Note II ROM. We still don’t have customizable notification toggles, which is a shame (it’s a feature I really want). It’s still an absolutely fantastic update, even forgetting multi-window! If you haven’t received it, you will soon! Check for updates by going into Settings > About phone > Software update > Check for updates. Did you find anything else that’s been improved? Tell us in the comments!

Update: It seems Samsung has also added the ability to choose whether your volume button is a shutter key or zoom rocker. Even more to enjoy.

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