Could The Upcoming Samsung GT-I9500 Be The Samsung Galaxy SIV?

Samsung has just released the model numbers for its latest high-end device. SamMobile is speculating that it can be one of two devices.

First, it is speculated to be Samsung’s first TIZEN device. Samsung has been rumored to be releasing a new Galaxy TIZEN device for some time now and the model number I9500 was originally intended for said TIZEN device. A Galaxy TIZEN device would certainly be the best bet for launching the TIZEN mobile OS into the world. It could generate enough buzz for the OS like the original Motorola Droid did for Google’s Android.

Another speculation is that Samsung has redirected its I9500 model number to its latest Galaxy S device; the Samsung Galaxy SIV. This speculation comes from previous model numbers. The GT-I9100 is the Samsung Galaxy SII’s model number, and the GT-I9300 is the Samsung Galaxy SIII’s model number. So it’s speculated that each ’200′ digit jump in model number indicates a new Galaxy S device.

Another thing to note is that there are two variations of the device to be released.

Model: GT-I9500

Model: GT-I9505

The GT-I9505 is said to be the LTE version of whatever device it may be.

As much as everyone would love to see a Samsung TIZEN device finally make its way into the mobile world, most bets are going towards this device being the Samsung Galaxy SIV. Either way, this device will surely play a major part in bringing Samsung it’s 510 million device sales goal in 2013.


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