Coverlight Adds A Flash To Your Galaxy S, No Batteries Required

Here’s a really cool product: a rear cover for the Galaxy S that adds an LED flash. The Galaxy S had a great camera for its time, and it still takes some decent shots to this day. However, the perplexing lack of flash always annoyed me back when I proudly carried one. This is a cheap and easy fix for those who still use the (easily functional) device.

The installation process is simple. You take out the battery, stick on a small piece of conductive material next to the battery pins, put your battery back in, then put on the new rear cover like you would the original. No screws, no opening the phone up, just a small piece stuck on near the battery. This provides power to the LED that is situated right in the center of the back.

It’s a simple yet effective product. There is a button on the back that activates the LED (of course, it wouldn’t be possible for the LED to activate with the shutter button, that would take extensive hardware and software modding). In the end, it works well, is easy to install, and looks good too. It’ll even make your external speaker sound better due to not being covered when the phone is laying face up.

This product may be a few years too late, but there are still people out there who use these phones. If you want to grab one, they’re only $25 on Indiegogo, and they come in three colors. Hopefully it’ll reach its goal and start shipping. I love this idea, even if it is for an older device.

Indiegogo: Coverlight | Phandroid

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