Cruzerlite Now Selling TPU Cases For Nexus 4 With Awesome Designs

Cruzerlite has been known to make some sexy cases, especially for Nexus devices, and they’ve done it again. Today they’ve released their Bugdroid Circuit series of cases for the Nexus 4. The case covers the entire back, wraps around the front bezel a bit, and looks great doing it. TPU cases aren’t the most rugged cases around, but they protect the device a good amount.

They also released the Clone Army series of Nexus 4 TPU cases. With both series, you’ll have a ton of colors to choose from. And if you device to buy them now, they’re only $13 each instead of the normal $20. A little introductory sale goes a long way. Hit the source links to get these!

Cruzerlite: Nexus 4 Bugdroid Circuit Case | Cruzerlite: Nexus 4 Clone Army Case | Phandroid

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