CyanogenMod Fixes 4.2 Quick Settings, Makes Them The Way They Should Have Been

When Android 4.2 rolled out, people were very excited about quick settings. However, they ended up being a bit of a disappointment. They weren’t toggles, but just links to the settings page. They are not much more useful than going into Settings with the button in the notification shade in 4.1 and changing the setting. This is where custom ROMs come in, and CyanogenMod has been fixing them up.

Half of the work is done, and the buttons now act as toggles instead of links. Long pressing these toggles will take you to the corresponding Settings page. It’s an elegant solution and makes the quick settings infinitely more useful. They should have been toggles in the first place, like Samsung’s toggles in ROMs as early as Android 2.1.

The work is not finished yet, as they have to finish implementing the changes. Once that is done, we will have the quick settings we have always dreamed about.

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