Dead Trigger Updated, Brings New Weapon, New Christmas Boss, And New Arena

Just like with Halloween, Dead Trigger has been updated with Christmas in mind, to help you get in the holiday spirit while fighting off zombies. In the new update, you get a new arena situated in the North Pole. Standard arena gameplay applies with one big difference: A new boss named Zanta. He should add a little challenge to the game.

You’ll also be getting a new weapon, the grenade launcher. The mini-mortar has been updated to be even stronger too, if you happen to like various explosive projectiles. If you want to buy these weapons and many others without all the hard work usually associated with video games, Madfinger Games is having a sale on all in app weapon purchases. And last of all, they added an underground puzzle. Solve it, and you win a free Dead Trigger t-shirt. That should be incentive enough to update this free game. Hit the source link to go to the Play Store for the update!

Play: Dead Trigger | Phandroid

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