Dell No Longer Making Android Phones, But Won’t Just Forget About The Green Guy

Dell made an Android smartphone, did you know? It was called the Streak, and it had a 5″ display that was deemed too large. Sure, it launched running Donut and had a WVGA display. It was ahead of its time, and Dell released it to a market that was simply not ready for it. Two years later, the Galaxy Note launched and took the world by storm with its 5.3″ display.

They also made a Streak 7, which was less ahead of its time and more a poor product. With a 7″ WVGA display, it wasn’t an attractive offer. However, Dell officially announced that it will be leaving the smartphone market. They prefer to focus on products running Windows 8 and Windows RT. That’s understandable, it’s hard to break through into the smartphone market. It takes advertising and a lot of investment.

Fortunately, they also said that Android isn’t being ignored. They’re still working with Android, they just won’t be releasing any products yet. It’s a wise decision, there is no doubt about that. Are any of you hoping for Dell to come back to Android sometime?

Android Central

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