FCC Requires DISH Network To Build 70% Of Its LTE Network In 7 Years

The FCC’s approval of DISH Network’s LTE wireless spectrum doesn’t come without strings. The FCC is requiring that DISH Network build 70% of its LTE network within 7 years, or else it’ll face some pretty harsh consequences.

First off, DISH has to complete 40% of its LTE network within 4 years. If it fails to do so, it will only have 2 years left (instead of 3) to build out the remaining 70%. If it fails to do that, then the FCC will forbid DISH from building out the rest of its network.

However DISH’s competitors fear that DISH will only build out its network in profitable areas and intentionally leave out the rural areas because there isn’t much incentive to build out there.

The FCC is also imposing power limits on DISH’s AWS-4 spectrum so that it won’t cause interference within the congested band. The 2000-2005 MHz part of the spectrum will be run on reduced power levels while a portion of the 1915-1920MHz portion is speculated to be sold to Sprint.

Those are some strict guidelines to follow, but its only to ensure that DISH Network doesn’t waste any time building its network.

Electronista via FCC

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