Google Adds Confirmation Button To AdWords Ads

Many of us don’t mind the small banner ads in Android apps. They make the app free, so we really can’t complain. If anyone doesn’t like them, there are always ways to remove them (like buying the full app, if available). However, if you touched an ad accidentally, you’re in for quite a bit of frustration. You’re thrown out of your app, or even out of your game (which makes it worse). Plus, if you want to close a popup ad, the little X is so small and easy to miss.

However, Google is fixing that with a new confirmation button. This way, you won’t have to leave your app if you accidentally press an ad, but it won’t be a hassle if you willingly press on it. It’s a simple but fantastic idea that will greatly improve ads for everyone. What do you guys think? Will this help? Tell us in the comments!


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