Google+ Leader Vic Gundotra Asked Never To Tweet Again By Boss

Google’s Senior Vice President of Engineering and head of Google+, Vic Gundotra, was asked never to tweet again by his boss, Google CEO Larry Page.

This happened after Gundotra posted this controversial tweet:

#feb11 "Two turkeys do not make an Eagle".

Gundotra’s tweet was directed at Microsoft’s freshly closed deal with Nokia around February 2011. Gundotra’s tweet went viral and led him into trouble.

Gundotra stated in an interview with The Next Web,

“I tweeted a tweet about two companies that went viral, went very very viral and made a lot of headline news. And honestly, I didn’t anticipate that my comments would be interpreted in the way they were interpreted.

I thought I was speaking to a relatively small number of people who followed me, a developer-oriented group, and instead it went mainstream. And so, uhm, I’ve curtailed my usage since then.”

Larry Page didn’t want any backlash or negative attention brought to Google, so he asked Gundotra to stop tweeting. Gundotra’s last tweet was in July.

You can view Vic Gundotra’s full interview at the SMX Social Media Marketing conference in this hour long video. The Next Web also has a transcript of his interview:

So what do you think? Do you think Larry Page was justified in banning Vic Gundotra’s Twitter use? We all know how one tweet can cause irreparable PR damage to a public figure and companies, and it isn’t out of the blue for a huge company like Google to monitor its employees’ Twitter use.

Business Insider & Mashable via The Next Web

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