Google Maps Lands In iOS App Store, Google Says It’s Better Than Android?

This morning iOS users can rejoice as right before midnight last night Google Maps found its way to the iOS app store and has already sealed its spot as the top free app. It’s beautiful, it’s gorgeous and hopefully it won’t get you lost in the Australian wilderness. Here’s the thing that really caught our attention thanks to a David Pogue review from the NYTimes. According to Pogue, a Google and Apple insider with no fanboy ties to either: “Google admits that its even better than Google Maps for Android phones, which has accommodated it’s evolving feature set by mainly piling on menus.”

Of course Pogue doesn’t cite any specific Google insider to verify the authenticity of such a quote, but it’s unlikely someone with Pogue’s stature would make up something that has already gone viral. We’re hopeful that Google isn’t sitting on the sidelines with its Android version of Google Maps and smart money says they aren’t, but we wouldn’t mind a slight aesthetic overhaul of the Android variant to look more in-line with the iOS version. Just saying Google, we’d be ok if you wanted to do that.


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