Google Music Matching Only Uploads Clean Songs, Even If Your Version Is Explicit

If you have a lot of explicit music in your library and you wanted to start using Google Music, you’re out of luck. Now that Google Music Matching is out, your music is scanned at upload, and if available on the Play Store, will be added instead of having to upload the music and wait forever. It’s a great feature, but apparently explicit music isn’t its thing.

If you try to upload explicit music, and it’s available on the Play Store, it’ll match it with the clean version. And remember that it’s forced: you cannot upload your version anyway. Google’s attempt to clean your library of bad words is not a positive effort, whether you listen to music with a few tasteful curses or with a curse word every two seconds (that’ll be fun to listen to clean). Either way, we should have the option of having the version we already had uploaded. Apple’s iTunes Match does the same thing, but it’s no more acceptable. What do you guys think of this decision? Tell us in the comments!


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