Google Now Is Making Its Way To The Desktop

Google appears to be working on bringing Android’s Google Now app to our desktops. The information was leaked through a recent code revision, revision 171868, on the Chronium project. The revision stated that there is a ‘skeleton’ framework for showing Google Now cards via the Google Chrome browser.

The project is still in its early stages, but when the project is completed, Google Now’s integration with Chrome will be phenomenal in terms of bringing in more users to use Google products. Non-Chrome users will be tempted by the wow-factor of Google Now, which includes weather reports, traffic reports, public alerts, news updates, event notifications, appointments, birthday alerts, reviews of nearby restaurants, predictive search services and much more.

The features of Google Now can lure Chrome users into pursuing the native Google Now app (and all of its glory) in Android devices. It may even make Chromebooks more tempting seeing as how Chrome OS is entirely web-based. Google Now can be the application that bridges all of Google’s devices together.

Google Now is like a wonderful culmination of many apps, including Apple’s Siri and Passbook. Google Now is still only in its early stages and is continuing to grow. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’ll get the opportunity to do so soon. It’s invasive, but lovable.

CNET & The Next Web via Francois Beaufort

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