Google Releases A Santa Tracker Of Its Own

It was both sad and confusing when NORAD decided to move its Santa Tracker off of Google Maps and onto Microsoft, but Google isn’t one to take rejection lightly.

Google went out of its way and made its own Santa Tracker. It comes fully equipped with all types of information on Santa. There will be information on how many presents he has delivered, his itinerary, and when he will be in your part of the world. This will also be available using Google Maps.

A bonus feature is that you can actually request a call from Santa Claus himself via Google Voice. To do this, you can visit the Santa Call page where you have to answer several (awesome) questions. Afterwards, you can preview the personalized message before sending it out to its recipient. The Santa Call feature, unfortunately, is only available in North America.

You can view the Santa Tracker here, or you can download it for your Android device. The app will activate on 2:00AM PST Christmas Eve.

Looks like Santa Claus isn’t the only one with omniscient stalking capabilities. You can be the one to know when he’s coming to town.

Android Central via Google

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