Google Said To Be Making An “X Phone” And “X Tablet” With Motorola

Google’s Nexus line has always been the closest you can get to Google hardware. Google and a manufacturer worked closely to get a truly Google feel in their devices, but they still succumbed to manufacturer preferences. However, you might soon be able to buy true Google hardware.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is now starting to make its own devices, using Motorola for hardware. Owning Motorola might finally come in handy. The internal name for the devices is the “X Phone” and the “X Tablet” and they should do away with manufacturer preferences, keeping the devices from being the same as Motorola’s famous DROID line. If Google takes Motorola’s hardware and uses their own design, it’d be all we could ask for.

It is also said that they could be using some exotic technologies and materials, like bendable displays and ceramic bodies. There is no information whether they have a design set or they are just starting, but we do know that their goal is to provide the devices with high quality cameras and capture software, one of the things I consider most important on a smartphone.

All this will be lead by Lior Ron, according to the report. A former product manager, Rom has a specialization in mapping. We’ll trust you, sir. Do us justice. So are you guys excited to finally see real Google hardware?

The Verge

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