Heroes Of Order & Chaos Is A Free To Play MOBA For Android

MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games have been taking the world by storm. It seems that everyone who owns a decent computer has played one at some point, and so many continue to play them endlessly. Of course, the next step was to introduce a free to play MOBA to smartphones. Heroes of Order & Chaos achieves just this. Gameloft offers this game for free with a lot of in app purchases, including more heroes and skills. Six characters each week will be offered for free, while the other 24 will be paid only.

There are two maps in the game, one for 3v3 battles and one for 5v5 battles. If there aren’t enough players, there is also an AI to help you or fight against you. You team up with AI or people to defend your towers and base while trying to destroy the enemies. While you play, you level up and can buy upgrades and various equipment. Hit the source link to try it out!

Play: Heroes of Order & Chaos | Android Police

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