HTC Butterfly Is Not Heading To Europe

The HTC Butterfly made its apperance on HTC’s site about 11 days ago, which made it seem like HTC was planning on releasing an international variant of the popular smartphone.

Two versions of the HTC Butterfly have already been released; The HTC DROID DNA in the US and the HTC J Butterfly in Japan.

Now it looks like HTC has no plans of releasing an international version of the device. The retailer, Expansys, who has been taking pre-orders of the HTC Butterfly with the intention of selling the device in Europe, released the following message to its customers,

“Thank you for your recent interest and preorder of the HTC Butterfly. Unfortunately, we have now been informed by HTC that this device will not be available in European markets, and as such we have had to remove it from our website and cancel your preorder.

The HTC Butterfly is a high-end device with amazing specs, so it’s confusing as to why HTC doesn’t plan on selling it to Europe. It also begs the question of where the HTC Butterfly is going to be released next. Hopefully HTC changes its mind and releases the device in Europe. We all know that HTC could use the extra revenue boost.

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