HTC DROID DNA On Verizon Can Be Had For Only $149 At Amazon

HTC’s DROID DNA is Verizon’s new flagship, but for those who don’t want to spend the full $199 Amazon has a solution. The retailer has already bumped the phone’s price down $50, bringing it to only $149. That’s right, you can get one of Verizon’s hottest phones at a nice $50 discount. The best part? It works for both new lines and upgrades.

There is a catch, as the device is on backorder as of now. It’s slated to ship in a week or two, so not the longest wait in the world. It’s good to see a third-party retailer offer a discount on the phone so early, and we’re sure it’ll draw in more than a few sales. Anyone on Verizon with an upgrade or looking to upgrade, be sure to take a peek at the DROID DNA. We’re loving the device, and it may be one of Verizon’s best phones yet. Hit the Amazon source link to grab the phone now.

Amazon Wireless via Droid-Life

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