HTC One XL, One + and EVO 4G LTE Receive PlayStation Certification

HTC and Sony have had a deal for awhile that allows select HTC devices to access the PlayStation mobile app store. Well, it looks like a few more devices have been added to the list. Sony has added three new HTC devices, the One XL (Snapdragon S4 North American variant of the One X), One X + and EVO 4G LTE. This adds to the already present list of the One X, One S and One V.

It’s good to see that more HTC devices are receiving the certification, as that means more phone owners have access to some of Sony’s exclusive games. Those include original PSOne titles, among other exclusives. Those with the One XL, EVO 4G LTE or the new One X +, excited for some new games? Download the app now.

Sony Mobile via Android Guys

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