Huawei Ascend Mate Is A New Phablet Hoping To Take On The Samsung Galaxy Note II

Huawei’s Senior Vice President, Yu Chengdong, has confirmed that Huawei’s new phablet, the Huawei Ascend Mate, will be launching in early 2013.

The Huawei Ascend Mate features a whole bunch of high-end, competitive specs. They include:

  • A Massive 6.1-inch 1080p display
  • Huawei 3rd gen K3V3 1.8GHz quad-core processor
  • 2GB Ram
  • 4,000 mAh battery
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Yu Chengdong took to Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter) and encouraged consumers to avoid buying a Samsung Galaxy Note II because it’s grossly overpriced. He encouraged consumers that Huawei’s phablet will be coming soon and that it will be much more powerful and a lot cheaper. He also says that the Huawei Ascend Mate will have a more attractive design, a more industrial feel, and of course bigger battery life.

The Huawei Ascend Mate definitely has some outstanding specs, especially with its 6.1-inch full HD display and 4,000 mAh battery. How big is too big though? This phone is crossing almost too much into tablet territory with its massive display. The Samsung Galaxy Note II was already pushing the envelope with its 5.5-inch display. Also, the Huawei K3V3 processor isn’t the most efficient processor out there.

What do you think about the Huawei Ascend Mate? Would you get it if the price was low enough? Hopefully the phone isn’t big enough where it looks like you’re holding a Nexus 7 or a Kindle Fire up to your head when placing a phone call. That’d just be awkward.

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