IDC Says Android Will Remain Most Popular Mobile OS Through 2016

The International Data Corporation (IDC) states that Android will remain the top mobile OS in the United States all the way through 2016.

Android can thank its wide range of partners, especially Samsung, HTC, LG, and Sony, for making it so prosperous. Thanks to them, Android has a 68.3% claim over the mobile market share  for 2012. That number overwhelms Apples 18.8% share of the market, RIM’s 4.7% share, and Windows Phone’s 2.6% share.

However, not everything is prosperous today. According to the IDC, this year’s global phone market is projected to only grow by 1.4% year after year. This is reported to be the lowest annual growth rate in three years.

Kevin Restivo, an IDC Research Analyst, says,

“Sluggish economic conditions worldwide have cast a pall over the mobile phone market this year. However, the fourth quarter will be relatively bright due in part to sales of high-profile smartphones, such as the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3, in addition to lower cost Android-powered smartphones shipped in China and other high-growth emerging markets.”

This is fantastic news for Android and Android lovers out there. Another great thing to note is that Windows Phone is expected to have a 11.4% share of the market in 2016, which is a 71.3% increase from 2012. It’s the largest projected growth rate of any other mobile OS currently on the market.

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