Judge Koh Hopes For Global Peace Between Samsung And Apple – Apple Is Against It

It looks like the war between Samsung and Apple has not only taken its toll with consumers, but with Judge Koh as well.  Judge Lucy Koh asked both Samsung and Apple’s lawyers when the case would be resolved. She stated,

“I don’t want to order anyone to meet again because it hasn’t proven successful so far, but is there anything else that can be done? I’ve said this all along, it’s time for global peace.”

This caused the courtroom to break out into laughter, which caused Judge Lucy Koh to reiterate her point,

“I’m not joking… it would be good for consumers and good for the industry.”

Samsung’s head attorney, Charles Verhoeven, stated that they were willing to talk and that it was all up to Apple.

Apple, however, was less willing to resolve their issues with Samsung peacefully. Apple actually asked for an increase in the damages award, and for the permanent ban of sales for 8 Samsung smartphones in the US. Apple’s lawyer stated that the billion-dollar award it had received from the jury’s 1.05 billion dollar verdict against Samsung was merely a “slap on the wrist”. Apple apparently is trying to add on 500 million dollars to their damages award.

Apple also attacked Samsung’s designs, stating that Samsung is knowingly just taking their designs to the limits of what they can legally get away with.

Samsung fired back saying that Apple would rather compete through courts than in the marketplace.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, replied that they had “no other choice” and that “in a perfect world”, companies would “invent their own stuff”.

The battle is still heated despite Judge Koh’s wishes. Apple always seems to find a way to outdo themselves with their ridiculous demands and it looks like the only ones benefiting from any of this nonsense are the lawyers representing these companies.

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