LG Files An Injunction Against The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The patent wars continue, and this time it’s not Apple waging war against Samsung, but LG. The 3 patents that Samsung has allegedly infringed on are display related, specifically inside of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1′s display panel where visual quality is great no matter the viewing angle

This is probably payback due to Samsung suing LG earlier this month for infringing on 7 of its own display patents.

An LG Spokespersons stated that LG “seeks to completely stop the sale, manufacture, and importation” of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. Samsung is playing it cool, dismissing LG’s injunction as unjustified.

It seems that Samsung is in battle with many companies. There’s Samsung v. Apple, Samsung v. Ericsson, and even Samsung v. Motorola (kind of). LG is just another company to add onto Samsung’s lawyers’ list. Samsung seems to be digging themselves a very deep hole with all of its legal battles.



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