LG Prepping To Release New Google TV’s in 2013

If Google TV is right up your alley then you may be excited to hear that, courtesy of LG, new Google TV’s will be released next year. These units are slated to be shown off at CES 2013 and then released sometime in the first half of the year. The TV’s appear to be slim and near bezel-less with a sleek modern design. If you’re already measuring whether or not will fit on your wall, then you should bear in mind that they will come in a whole range of sizes between 42 and 60 inches and will have Google TV integrated right into the TV itself rather than having a separate set-top box.

LG also made mention of a few of the features built in such as advanced voice recognition (possibly similar to Google Now?), Quick Guide and Prime Time to allow the user to both watch and use other content at the same time, and OnLive built directly into the TV. Along with all those features, it has a sophisticated remote that has a microphone for voice control, gesture controls, and a full QWERTY keyboard. That all sounds great on paper but we’ll have to wait until CES for a better look at just how good it is in the real world. Who else is excited for this?

LG Newsroom Korea

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