Motorola Takes On Samsung With Ad That Makes No Sense

Many Android manufacturers have attacked other companies with ads. Both Motorola and Samsung made some pretty big ads against Apple, all to get Android on top. However, Android is clearly on top with a sizable gap between it and anything else. What’s next? Attack each other, of course. Manufacturers need to differentiate themselves, despite using the same OS, so this is the logical next step.

With this ad, Motorola takes on Samsung, the biggest Android manufacturer out there. It’s definitely not a bad idea, as advertising is very important and they could win a few loyal customers. However, this ad is fairly ridiculous. First of all, it’s a direct comparison. Already, it’s something that I don’t like. But it’s fine if it’s a fair one. This compares the download speed of the DROID RAZR HD to that of a Galaxy S III. It shows that the RAZR HD finished downloading Angry Birds Rio while the S III continues to download it, saying that the RAZR HD has 49% faster download speeds. Now let’s think about this logically.

At first, I thought it had something to do with networks. No, they’re both on Verizon. Considering the internal radios, they’re identical too. Radios are built into the SoC, and both have Snapdragon S4 Plus processors. So what exactly makes the RAZR HD 49% faster? An insanely better antenna? Very doubtful. We wish that Motorola would explain how they got these results.

What do you think of these comparisons? Any info to enlighten the rest of us? Are they fair? Tell us in the comments!


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