Next Launcher Is The Newest 3D Launcher, GO Dev Team Impresses Once Again

For its time, GO Launcher was innovative, fast, and very functional. It was my launcher of choice by a long shot. Of course, the refinements of Ice Cream Sandwich finally pulled me away from it. Considering that about half of all Android phones are still on Gingerbread, GO Launcher is still a fantastic option for many. But the GO Dev Team weren’t content with that, so they created this:

Next Launcher is a fully 3D launcher replacement. Every little action is animated, every detail is thought out, the live wallpaper is designed to work with it, and customization can be taken to new levels. Icons can be moved, rotated, and placed anywhere. There is no grid that they will snap to. There are also customizable folders, 3D widgets, and the ability to impress your friends. It may be $16 for a launcher, but it really shows off the power of Android. Is it worth it? That’s for you to decide.

Play: Next Launcher | Play: Next Switch Widget | Play: Next Honeycomb Live Wallpaper | Android Police

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