Nexus 4 Binaries And Factory Images Taken Down

Out of nowhere, Google has taken down both binaries and factory images for the Nexus 4 from their site. If you screw up your phone, and you didn’t download these factory images before, you won’t be able to right now. Make sure to find a reliable source if you do try to find them.

Strangely enough, all other devices have their files intact on the site. It’s just the Nexus 4 that had everything taken down. We don’t know why, as Google hasn’t said a word, but it might be because of people finding ways to use the phone on LTE networks. The device was never approved by the FCC for LTE use, and the fact that people are using it on LTE could pose problems for Google. Is this Google trying to block access to LTE for unrooted people? Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

Android Central

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