Nexus 7 Dock Unboxed And New Nexus 10 Pogo Charger Shown Off

This is the worlds first Nexus 7 Pogo dock unboxing. Is the video any good? No, not really. But at least we get to see the dock (in dim light with no Nexus 7 in it). We know that it exists outside of websites claiming it does. This guy says he snagged it from a Japanese retailer a day early, and the video was uploaded December 10th. This dock should have been launched with the Nexus 7, but we just hope it’ll come to the US soon.

Someone on XDA also revealed this pogo charger for the Nexus 10. Looking nearly identical to the magnetic charger on the HP Veer 4G, it’s a simple charger that magnetically connects to the Nexus 10 pogo pins. The person who released the photo was light on details, but mentioned it could be around $20. He also said it may be available within the next 10 days on Amazon, so we’ll keep you informed. It’s just too bad all of these accessories are so late.


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