Official CM10.1 Nightlies Out For Nexus 7 Plus Others

I’ve been waiting for this day for a while.  There have been unofficials out there, but the CyanogenMod developers have finally released the first CM10.1 nightly for the Nexus 7 (grouper).  Also, CM10.1 nightlies have also been released today for the Galaxy Nexus (maguro) and ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity (tf700t).  You may have a different opinion, but I’ve been pretty turned off by the updates brought along with Android 4.2.  I feel like the the update has a ton of potential that Google hasn’t been able to bring to fruition.  So, I’ve been super excited to see what kind of tweaks developers can do with 4.2 to make the update more usable.  I want it to feel more like an update.

I’ve briefly thumbed around the CM10.1 nightly on my Nexus 7.  So far it seems very stable and I’m seeing the kind of updates I was hoping for.  The new 4.2 quick settings are toggles.  You can change what the toggles are in quick settings or turn of the quick settings drop down all together.  I’m sure there are a bunch of other tweaks/mods, but these are a few of the mods I was looking forward to and am excited to try out.  Let us know what you’re excited about in CM10.1, and what changes your making first running CM10.1 on your device…  You can download the nightlies for all the above mentioned devices at  You will also want to download the new gapps package here.  As always, these nightlies are a work in progress and are not always stable.  Also, you’ll be flashing at your own risk.  However, if you want my opinion, these custom roms with their customizability are worth the risk.

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