OUYA Creators Unbox The Dev Console, Release UI Screenshot

First of all, the company behind the OUYA has released a screenshot of the user interface, or “what it might look like when Kickstarter backers get their consoles in March.” So this might not be the final UI, but if it is, I can’t say I dislike it. It’s reminiscent of (read: nearly identical to) the Metro UI on the Xbox 360 and other Microsoft products. But we can forgive that.

The company also filmed and released this unboxing of the OUYA developer console. Made completely of transparent plastic (and matching controllers) to symbolize the openness of the OUYA, this is what developers will be getting. They also packaged a letter saying there are no games on this device and it may be buggy. This is a kit for developers to start making games, not the actual console.

Of course, this will be different when the OUYA is released. They’re still tweaking a lot about the design, and the final version will not be transparent. Does this rekindle your interest in the OUYA?

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