OUYA Development Consoles Ship Out Today, Arriving Soon

After the OUYA broke through its funding goal on Kickstarter, people wondered what was next. Many were excited to see an Android powered console. Many were skeptical it would ever be released, let alone succeed. But the OUYA team is going strong, and they are now shipping development consoles to their developers, along with two controllers, to start getting games with OUYA support working before launch.

With a Tegra 3 and a tiny price tag, this could be a revolution in home consoles. However, with an aging chipset, it might also be released right before a new wave of chipsets is announced. But most of all, it’s up to developers to keep it going. Without support, this product will not succeed. But if these developers really do a good job, OUYA can succeed even with older hardware. We’re excited to see how OUYA does and we wish it the best of luck. Are any of you OUYA devs?


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