Reports Of Galaxy S III Units Dying Without Explanation Causing Concern

It seems that Samsung may have a bit of an issue on their hands. Both on Reddit and XDA, people are reporting that their Galaxy S IIIs are dying. Yes, they are just dying out of nowhere, after approximately 150-200 days of use. Many are saying it has something to do with the flash memory, but it’s known that the mainboard itself is dying.

Samsung has not acknowledged the problem, but they are fixing people’s devices. Even if they are rooted and are running custom firmware, Samsung is agreeing to repair them because it is a hardware issue (off topic, but this is how warranty should be handled. If it is rooted, but the issue is hardware, warranty should not be voided). Good on Samsung. It seems that even Samsung call center reps have said that they’ve been getting people calling in with this issue frequently.

We don’t know if it’s a widespread issue or if it’s just a minority (out of the millions of Galaxy S III’s sold), but we’ll bring you more news as it comes along.

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