PSA: Play Store Dev “apkdeveloper” Adds Malware To Popular Apps And “Super” To End Of Name

Android is an open platform, and that’s why we love it. The Play Store doesn’t have restrictions on what apps can access or do, and that makes some apps true gems. It adds usefulness and value. However, there is a big downside: malware. It isn’t as huge as many people make it seem like, but it is a legitimate problem.

This time, apps from a developer called “apkdeveloper” on the Play Store are the culprit. The dev takes legitimate apps, adds malware, and reposts them on the Play Store. All their apps have the same icon and the suffix “Super.” For example, the fake Temple Run is called Temple Run Super.

You can also tell that they are illegitimate by all the crazy permissions it asks for. Always check the permissions an app asks for! Good apps only use the bare minimum, so if there are a lot and it’s an app that shouldn’t be using them, be wary.

In the end, just be careful. Always download apps from trusted developers, avoid fakes, and read reviews (many, not just two or three). You can avoid malware by being cautious, it isn’t an unavoidable part of life. And don’t download apps from “apkdeveloper,” that’ll help too.


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