Qualcomm Introduces Two New Snapdragon S4′s For The Chinese Market

Qualcomm arguably makes some of the most popular processors out there with their Snapdragon S4 lineup, being used in almost every mid and high end phone since the series was released. As time went on, they added more and more models of the S4, including the all powerful S4 Pro, and today they’re adding two more. These chips are a little different, as they are entry level quad core chips destined for the Chinese market.

Both chips will have the same 28nm fabrication method, Adreno 305 GPU, dual SIM support, radios for the Chinese networks (TD-SCDMA, CDMA, and HSPA+), and support for GPS, GONASS, and Beidou. The radios are special, in the fact that they are 60 percent smaller and offer 40 percent power savings over their older radios. We’re all for battery savings.


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