Rumor: The Galaxy S IV Will Include An S Pen

A new rumor from Korea claims that the next Galaxy S flagship, probably named the S IV, will come with an S Pen. Other rumors stating that the S IV will have a 5″ 1080p display (supported by Samsung creating such panels soon) mean that the S IV will creep closer and closer to the phablet territory. 5″ would be plenty big for various pen-related activities (the original Note was a very similarly sized 5.3″), and adding their iconic and useful S Pen could be a very good strategy.

While we don’t know what will happen to the Note series (please don’t make them 6″), they could either get much bigger, or be relegated to tablets only. The new flagship device might be a combination of a Note and an S, creating one single device instead of two.

It could either be a really good strategy or blow up in their face. Having both devices offers people choice. For example, I got a Note II because I love big phones and didn’t mind the extreme size. My girlfriend got an S III because a 4.8″ screen is almost too big. Options are the greatest strength of Android, and Samsung creating one device could be negatively affecting choice. However, if two devices were still released, they should be launched nearly simultaneously and have very similar hardware, so one wouldn’t seem to be an “upgrade” over the other (as was the case with the Note II being better than the S III).

What do you guys think of the possibility of Samsung adding an S Pen to the Galaxy S IV? Would it add to the value of the device? Would you use it? Or should it stay in the Note series? Tell us your thoughts!


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