Samsung Passes Nokia In Cellphone Sales, Apple Holding Down 3rd Place

In an incredible turn of events, Samsung is predicted to pass Nokia in overall cell phone sales by the end of 2012. While Samsung has controlled global smartphone sales for a while, Nokia still controlled the cell phone market with their massive amounts of dumb phones all over the world.

According to information from iSuppli, in 2011, Samsung controlled 24% of the cell phone market (also making a lot of dumb phones), while Nokia controlled 30%. By the end of 2012, Samsung will be at 29% and Nokia will be at 24%. Through all this, Apple has remained third place. This is a big surprise, since Apple only makes a few phone models and none of them are dumbphones. Staying in third place in the global cell phone market is no small feat, even if they trail second place by 14%.

In the smartphone world, things are a little different. Samsung is still first place, but Apple is in second and not trailing too far behind. At the end of 2012, Samsung is at 28% while Apple is at 20%. Nokia trails in third place at only 5%, along with HTC and RIM. If anything, this shows both Samsung’s success and the immense growth of the smartphone. With smartphones getting so cheap, data being more accessible, and dumb phones dying off, technology can further progress.

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