Samsung Plans On Shipping 510 Million Devices In 2013

Samsung’s New Year’s resolution is to sell half a billion mobile devices in 2013. They have sold 420 million devices in 2012 and they expect to carry on that momentum into the new year.

The exact number of devices they plan on selling is 510 million. They expect 390 million of those devices to be smartphones alone. That’s a lot higher than what analysts have predicted. The analysts at Gartner estimated that Samsung would only sell around 250-300 million smartphones in 2013, so Samsung’s New Year’s resolution may be a little farfetched… but aren’t most New Year’s resolutions?

We can expect Samsung to be more aggressive with their marketing, which means even more of those risque commercials that we love. With the momentum of their amazing sales in 2012, we know that Samsung will do it all can to make sure their sales in 2013 go just as well.