Samsung Product Page Confirms Verizon Galaxy Camera

Samsung is pretty serious about selling the Galaxy Camera. While it is already available on AT&T, we saw a model with Verizon LTE bands go through the FCC earlier. Today, Samsung confirmed the Verizon Galaxy Camera with a product page. That’s already two of the biggest carriers in the US about to be selling this device, and Verizon will hopefully match AT&T’s $500 price point.

I’m not sure if the inclusion of LTE is a benefit to the Galaxy Camera. AT&T HSPA+ is fast, not LTE fast but still fast. If you wanted to upload 16MP photos off of the Galaxy Camera, Android has multitasking. Start the upload and throw it in your pocket. However, battery life on the Galaxy Camera seems to not be quite ideal, though it doesn’t seem to be bad either. The inclusion of HSPA+ was probably for battery life concerns, and valid ones. It’s important to keep a camera alive as long as possible. However, Verizon doesn’t have a “middle network,” instead having very weak 3G and great LTE. Including LTE could be a bigger battery drain, something that could be considered a negative on this device. But that remains to be seen. Any Verizon customers planning to pick one of these up?

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