Samsung Releases Mobile Beam Projector In Korea

Samsung has just released a portable projector, dubbed the Samsung Mobile Beam Projector, that is compatible with many of its devices, including: Galaxy Players, Galaxy Tabs, Galaxy Smartphones, as well as any PC. The only requirement is that the device must support MHL/HDMI.

The Mobile Beam Projector projects a resolution of 640 x 360, carries a 1650 mAh built-in battery that lasts up to two hours, and sports a brightness of 20 lumens in its projection.

Samsung’s Mobile Beam Projector is slightly smaller than the Samsung Galaxy SIII, but still maintains a sleek, beautiful design to it. It’s a very slim device, but I think most of us would gladly sacrifice its thin exterior in exchange for a larger interior battery and a higher resolution display.

Nonetheless, the Samsung Mobile Beam Projector is a really cool device and unfortunately it’s only available in Korea at the moment. Here’s hoping Samsung brings this device to a lot more countries.

Source: Ubergizmo via SamMobile

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