Samsung Releases Teaser For CES 2013

CES 2013 is only one month away and in order to get everyone hyped up for it, Samsung has released a teaser video to grab everyone’s attention. The teaser is very short and doesn’t provide us with any juicy details. All it says is innovation, ideas, technology, wonder, the future, something new, and for us to get ready.

What Samsung could be pointing to perhaps is their reported “brand refresh” that several sources have said would take place during the 2013 CES. In the brand refresh, Samsung would drop its blue logo and trade it for an “all new product marketing linked via their own individual colours that are part of an overall brand family.”

A source said that senior employees were told to hold off on buying new business cards until January 2013. Another source also stated that Samsung’s commercials will feature its products linked with lifestyle activities similar to Nike campaigns.

The rumored marketing guru setting up this whole re-branding is said to be Scott Bedbury, who also headed the marketing campaigns  for Nike and Starbucks.

A brand refresh is always exciting to witness, and we’re only 1 month away from seeing it in action. The 2013 CES will take place on January 8th-11th and is going to be held in Las Vegas. It’s one of the biggest tech events in the world and is where many companies showcase their battle plans for the year.

Phonedog via Samsung Tomorrow

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