Samsung Rumored To Be Working On The Samsung Galaxy SIV, Galaxy Note Variant, And New 13.3 Tablet

Looks like Monday morning is when the rumor mill likes to churn. SamMobile has just received some fresh rumors from Korea that confirm that there are three new devices in the works. SamMobile has been accurate with their rumors before, and this time around we’re hoping lightning strikes again.

The first device to be in the works is the Samsung Galaxy SIV. The device is codenamed ‘Project J’ in Korea and is set to be announced in April of 2013, possibly launching 1 year after its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The device will have a full HD AMOLED 5-inch display, a quad-core CPU (most likely the Exynos 5440), a 13MP camera, and have the latest version of Android (hopefully Key Lime Pie).

The second device  is rumored to be a budget-friendly version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II. This device is going to be directed towards the European market and will lack S Pen support. The device will also drop the ‘Galaxy Note’ branding and will not have Samsung’s sAMOLED display.  Samsung knows their consumers love the idea of having a bigger screen, so they want to create a budget Note that people can test the waters with.

The final rumored device is a brand new tablet that rivals that of the ASUS Transformer. It will be a 13.3-inch tablet with a QWERTY dock. The insider doesn’t know which OS this tablet will be using, but if Samsung does want to compete directly with the ASUS Transformer, there’s a high chance the OS will be Android.

Of course these are all rumors, so we have to wait until next year’s Consumer Electronics Show, being held January 8th through the 11th, and Mobile World Congress, being held on February 25th.

Source: Android Central via SamMobile 

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