Samsung S Pebble Renamed Muse For The US, Only $49

The Samsung S Pebble is an interesting little accessory. With 4GB of internal memory, it’s meant to be both a standalone music player and a companion to your Galaxy device (like Galaxy S II, S III, Note, Note II and others). It is a screen-less pebble music player with controls on the front. It is not meant to be connected to your computer; you have to connect it to your Galaxy device to transfer music to it. That’s where the companionship comes in, the S Pebble depends on the phone running the sync app. With a tiny size, a metal clip, and SoundAlive technology, it could be a good option for a run when you don’t want to take your big phone.

For the US, Samsung strangely renamed it the Muse. It’s still the same product though, and in the states it will retail for only $49. For 4GB of music and the ability to constantly switch music out, throwing specific stuff on there whenever you want without the use of a computer, it’s a great price. While I don’t see much use for it, it’s cheap, good looking, and sounds like a lot of fun to just have, so I have an irrational desire to buy it. What do you guys think of it? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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