Samsung Takes A Jab At Apple Maps

Samsung’s marketing decided to take a jab at Apple Maps and their recent mishaps in the city of Mildura.

A number of people were stranded when their Apple Maps directed them to the middle of Murray Sunset National Park rather than the actual city of Mildura. Many of the tourists were stranded up to 24 hours and had to wander long distances just to find phone reception to call for help.

Samsung saw this as an opportunity to poke fun at Apple. They set up a display in Sydney, Australia with a “lost” four-wheeler and a campsite set up near/on it. Right next to the display was a sign that says,

“Oops, Should have got a Samsung Galaxy SIII. Get navigation you can trust.”

Who knows. For all of those stranded people in Mildura, the Apple Maps fiasco might be enough to convert them over to Android.


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