Samsung Wants Certain Ericsson Products Banned In The US

Samsung is momentarily taking a breaking from its legal battles with Apple and is now seeking to ban several Ericsson products from the United States.

On Friday, Samsung Electronics filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission requesting an U.S import ban on sales of several Ericsson products.

This comes just one month after Ericsson sued Samsung for failing to renew their licensing deal. Samsung is returning fire by accusing Ericsson of infringing on 7 of its patents.

“We have sought to negotiate with Ericsson in good faith. However, Ericsson has proven unwilling to continue such negotiations by making unreasonable claims, which it is now trying to enforce in court. The accused Ericsson products include telecommunications networking equipment, such as base stations.”

Ericsson has received a huge drop in sales, dropping down 17% in Q3. With Samsung not renewing their deal with them, Ericsson has to seek help through the courts in order to maintain its patent income.

Florian Mueller, an expert in patents, said,

“I’m sure that at this point, no one in the industry would underestimate Samsung’s ability to become a significant player, if not the leader, in a new segment of the overall market for telecommunications hardware. This certainly adds a more strategic dimension to the Ericsson-Samsung dispute.”

We’ll hear more about this legal battle soon. Hopefully both companies can come to a quick and easy settlement so that everyone can enjoy the holidays.


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