Samsung’s Smart Rotate Feature Cloned For Any Device

Samsung debuted a feature called Smart Rotate in their Galaxy Note II and have spread it to a lot of their phones, including the beloved Galaxy S III and Galaxy S II. Instead of using the accelerometer to rotate the phone (which depends on gravity), it uses facial recognition. Using the front facing camera, it can tell how you are looking at the phone and adjusts the rotation accordingly. Laying in bed sideways staring at your phone? It’ll stay in portrait for you. Wonderful feature.

However, not everyone has a Galaxy device. If you want this feature (and even more features), a new app has been developed for that very same purpose. It’s called GMD Smart Rotate. It does the same thing, uses your front camera to track your face, but it also throws in rotation lock, force apps to rotate, and more. It’s a really useful app and the development version can be downloaded from the source link. Try it out and tell us how it goes!

XDA-Developers | XDA Portal

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