Solid Explorer Out Of Beta, Turns Into Trial, Full Version $1.99

Solid Explorer has been updated today, dropping the Beta tag and being released as a full product. A fan favorite for its UI, Solid Explorer has a fairly big user base. Unfortunately, there is a complication. As soon as you update, your Solid Explorer turns into a two week trial. The unlocker costs only $1.99, and the developer deserves to get paid for his work, but I think the way they handled the situation was poor.

Forcing your users into a trial by simply updating the app isn’t the right way to go about things. The developer should have created an ad-supported version for their loyal users, instead of just telling them they can no longer use the app without paying. I don’t think the reaction to that will be very good. However, this shouldn’t stop you from buying the app. It’s functional, beautiful, and if you use it a lot, definitely worth two bucks.

With the update, it also got a bunch of new features. One of the best ones is Samsung Multi-Window support. It’s amazing to see developers supporting device-limited technologies like that. Here is the rest of the changelog:

  • Out of Beta, yay!
  • Support for Samsung’s Multi Window
  • Support for subtitles with streaming videos
  • Ability to set ringtones
  • Busybox included in the app
  • Fixed issues with refreshing the gallery
  • Optimized package size
  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements

Will you be buying this app? Or are you too disappointed by the developers actions? Tell us in the comments!

Play: Solid Explorer (Trial) | Play: Solid Explorer Unlocker | Android Police

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