Sony Getting Ready To Launch Cheap Quad-Core Smartphones In 2013

Sony has recently requested to see samples of MediaTex’s MT6589 quad-core processors. Sony’s phones have been known to be monopolized by Qualcomm processors, so it’s strange that they’re requesting samples from MediaTek, whose products are known to be geared towards the lower-end market.

If Sony does find that MediaTek’s processors are compatible with their devices, we may see some affordable, quad-core devices from Sony in 2013.

The MediaTek MT6589 uses Cortex A7 processor cores, can be clocked up to 1.2GHz, has a GPU capable of handling 720 x 1280 displays, and can support 13MP cameras with 1080p video recording.

If MediaTek lands a deal with Sony, they can expect to ship 200 million smartphone chips in 2013, compared to its 110 million chips shipped in 2012.

So what do you think? Would an affordable, mid-ranged Sony smartphone be on your wishlist next year?

Phone Arena via MediaTek