Sprint Reportedly Gunning For Partnership With Dish Network

Sprint is apparently looking to partner up with Dish Network. Sprint has been said to have made an offer to Dish Network that would allow Sprint to share Dish’s unused wireless spectrum.

Not only that, Sprint also proposed an agreement to make Dish Network an MVNO that would run on Sprint’s network, similar to Virgin Mobile USA and Boost Mobile. Sprint would either receive revenue from the customers who sign up for Dish’s wireless service, or it would have Dish pay a direct fee to the carrier.

Sprint partnering up with Dish Network would make it more of a threat to the top two carriers in the nation; Verizon Wireless and AT&T. Dish’s Network combined with Softbank’s $8 billion backing would give Sprint the competitive power it needs to put it on par with the wireless elites.

Tim Farrar, an analyst at TMF Associates Inc., stated,

“A Sprint partnership may be the best possibility. It could be quite disruptive.”

Dish, who has been wanting to get into the wireless business for a while now, has stated that it won’t make a decision yet until the FCC makes a regulatory ruling on its spectrum on December 12th.

Scott Sloat, spokesman for Overland Park, Kansas-based Sprint, seems hopeful for Dish to be an MVNO of Sprint. He stated,

“We are open to spectrum-hosting opportunities with other spectrum holders who can’t or don’t want to build a network for their spectrum.”

Dish and Sprint would still have to work on their differences concerning the case of wireless interference. Sprint had earlier stated that Dish’s spectrum should operate with a lower signal power so that it won’t interfere with its neighboring frequency, the H block.  Also, both Sprint and Dish are gunning for the purchase of the H Block frequencies in the FCC auction for the spectrum in 2013.

Dish Network may want to jump on Sprint’s deal if it hopes to get into the wireless game. Verizon Wireless had already stated that it’s not interested in Dish’s spectrum, so Sprint might be the only viable option. That is unless Google jumps into the wireless game themselves. Both would be wonderful in terms of competition, but I’m rooting for Sprint to win. It’d be nice for Sprint to give Verizon Wireless and AT&T a run for their money.

The Verge & Engadget via Bloomberg

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