Swiftkey’s ‘Flow Through Space’ Shows New Keyboard In Action

Swiftkey has just revealed their “Flow Through Space’ YouTube video that shows its new keyboard, Flow, in action.

Swiftkey’s new Flow keyboard combines the personalized prediction that we love from Swiftkey with the continuous input we love from Swype to create what may possibly be the best touchscreen keyboard out there.

SwiftKey Flow will allow its users to switch through two input modes at whim depending on their preference, and is sensitive to individual typing styles as well as context. What’s really great about the Flow keyboard is that it analyzes your finger patterns in real time to bring you quick, if not instant, feedback. So you don’t have to wait until the pattern is complete to get a prediction.

Also, another amazing feature of the Swiftkey Flow keyboard is that you can write out whole sentences without lifting your finger off the keyboard. Just swipe your finger over the space bar when you’re ready to write a new word.

It looks like Swiftkey’s Flow keyboard is ready for prime time and we may see the actual beta testing start soon. Have you signed up yet?

Android Central