T-Mobile Announces It Will Only Offer Value Plans In 2013

T-Mobile is getting rid of their Classic plans in 2013, focusing solely on Value plans. Good move T-Mobile, I was tired of trying to figure out which plan will cost what and what a device will cost on each plan. I’m all for extra simplicity.

There are a few implications of this. Value plans sacrifice part of a device subsidy for a cheaper monthly rate. When buying a device on contract, the price at the end of your two year contract (phone plus monthly rate) wouldn’t be so different from a Classic plan, but if you bring your own device, you’ll save a lot of money. This is how T-Mobile is trying to differentiate itself: Cheaper plans for those who are transitioning to buying unlocked phones. And with Google pushing a $300 unlocked phone, you can’t argue with those savings. However, those who still want to buy phones on contract retain that option. Essentially, everyone wins.


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